Deep oven cleaning Barbican EC2

Deep oven cleaning is a necessity, our skilled individuals soak and scrub your oven free of baked on spills and spatters. They achieve this by completely and carefully dismantling all interior parts of your oven, all parts are soaked in a special dipping tank that is filled with water and eco-friendly, specific detergents. The solution inside the dipping tank is heated and maintained on a burner. After soaking for at least 30 minutes, all parts are removed from the tank and thoroughly washed and wiped squeaky clean. The inside of the oven is sprayed with special oven cleaner and also left to soak. The oven technicians cautiously scrub the inside before washing and wiping clean of any traces of detergents and baked on goods. They then re-assemble your oven to its original, sparkly clean state. We also clean hobs, microwave ovens and extractor fans.

Oven cleaning Barbican

Oven cleaning Barbican prices

Oven cleaning Barbican prices

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Eco Friendly Cleaning services Barbican

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